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Our value despite rejection

Sometimes, in the face of rejection, we end up achieving even more than we ever planned. This inspirational talk by Jay Shetty helps us put failures in perspective. We may live in down times for months, years and even decades, but many of the most successful people on the planet have all gone through the same experiences of rejection. Here’s how to understand that a failure now can actually mean better opportunities are on the horizon.



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The mailman delivering a life-saving gift

When mailman Jeff Jones went to his last house for delivery one afternoon, it’s likely he was just excited for the day to be done. But upon noticing smoke and evidence of a fire in the house he was delivering to, he realized he needed to take immediate action and make sure people in the house were safe. A heroic rescue of three kids and their grandmother meant that this mailman-turned-fireman gave one family a lot to be thankful for this past Christmas.



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Remembering those left behind


Jillian Massey may have been released from hospital treatment back in October, but she hasn’t forgotten all the children who needed to stay.

This brave little 4-year-old was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in April and started undergoing treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During her six months as a patient, Jillian made lots of friends with other children who were hospitalized.

When she was released, she asked her mother, Janelle, if they could start a toy drive for all her buddies who had not yet been given a green light to go.

Though they started out with a modest goal of 50 toys, an outpouring of generosity from friends, family, and strangers on her Facebook page raised over 3,000 gifts.

“It’s pretty cool to see how excited she is,”  Janelle told ABC News. “She checks the front porch and brings them in, it’s her little job each day.”



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Radical hospitality

Most of us take for granted our ability to take a daily shower and get an occasional haircut. But Doniece Sandoval recognized that there are many people in her home of San Francisco who don’t have access to these basic necessities. So she founded Lava Mae, a non-profit organization that brings mobile showers, haircuts and other grooming services to San Francisco’s homeless population. This video shows how she has inspired citizens to truly connect with one another through love and compassion.


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Opening our eyes to see the beauty around us

Motivational philosopher Jay Shetty describes how beauty is ours for the taking in so many ways every day — but more often that not, we don’t even see it. When we’re looking only at our phones or seeking grandiose events, we’re missing a whole lot. Yet, if we tune into our surroundings and become more mindful, we can reap rewards in many ways. We’ll see the flowers, the energy, the kindnesses and the people that make our world beautiful.


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Leading a parade

To create one of the most fun and noisy surprises on the streets of New York City, Improv Everywhere organized a random parade. Marching band members, people in costumes, and noisemakers were all waiting around the corner for someone to lead the parade. And who did? These random volunteers sure had a lot of fun, and everyone around seemed to have a blast watching this surprise performance!