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Hugging an Officer


Kids are often told not to talk to strangers, but little T.J. Hubbard couldn’t resist expressing his appreciation for a police officer whom he met in a restaurant.

The Fort Worth, Texas, cop first caught the 3-year-old boy’s eye when he rode up on a motorcycle outside of a McDonald’s.

When the boy asked if he could take the bike for a spin, the officer sensibly denied his request – but he did offer T.J. a police badge sticker as a peace offering.

Though the youth was incredibly excited over the gift, he is also apparently very shy; so it took him a while to work up the courage to thank the officer.

When he was finally ready, he wandered up to the officer’s table as his mother, Jamie, exclaimed: “He wants to give you a hug!”

The officer was more than happy to oblige, making for the most heart-melting video encounter in the world.

The cop later told Jamie that the hug “meant the world to him.”


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