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Toddlers leading exercise classes

Host of The Late Late Show James Corden and singer Jason Derulo push their bodies to the limit by taking an exercise class with the toughest instructors of all — toddlers. They must mimic all of their little instructors’ moves, which is no easy feat! Watching this adorable class is a great reminder of how much we can learn from kids, including the art of loosening up!

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The say-yes challenge

It’s easy to get in the habit of saying “no.” Saying no is generally a safe option, which isn’t always bad, but it can keep us from ever breaking out of our comfort zone. This can really limit our lives and keep us from joys and experiences we might never find if we don’t make an effort to say “yes” more often. One of Soul Pancake’s New Age Creators, Marie, decided to do exactly that and intentionally say “yes” for 24 hours. See what she learned.

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Refusing to make a sale for the best reason

When a mother came to this Texas jeweler attempting to sell him a ring that was a family heirloom, it was clear that parting with the ring was an emotional experience for her. The kind jeweler, Noah, noticed that she had tears in her eyes, and rather than accepting the ring, he simply gave her the money that she needed. Noah is a Syrian refugee who told CBS 11 News that he was paying it forward and showing the same kindness that had been show to him and his family in the past.

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What you’d do if you weren’t afraid

Imagine all the things you’d do in life if you weren’t afraid of failing. Positive news organization A Plus took a group of people who never went for their dreams simply because they were afraid of disappointing themselves and others, and gave them a chance to go for it. What happened when regret was thrown out the window and they gave their dreams a chance?

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Mister Sunshine

Mister Sunshine from Loading Docs on Vimeo.

As we go about our days, we encounter a lot of people who don’t make much of an impression on us. But Larry Woods, a shoeshine in Auckland, New Zealand, is insistent on making a positive mark on everyone he encounters. The locals call him “Mr. Sunshine” and he is doing his best to live up to his name by spreading joy — and free shoe shines. In this short film, he tells his story about going from being a millionaire to a shoeshine, and the moment that his life changed for the better.

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A lesson from a little yellow car

When Toni Powell was enjoying dinner at a friend’s house one night, an odd interruption occurred. A neighbor knocked on the door and proceeded to become irate about a little yellow car parked on the street. It gave Toni an amazing epiphany that provided her with the simplest tool for reducing her own stressing and obsessing. Watch this funny video and give your own anxiety a rest!