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Finding a purpose after sadness

6-year-old Jaden Hayes lived through the epitome of tragedy when he lost both of this parents in a very short period of time.

First, his father died when he was only 4. Then his mother passed away in her sleep.

Jaden grieved the loss of his parents – but instead of wallowing in his sadness, the little boy decided to focus on other people’s happiness.

Jaden told his aunt and guardian Barbara DiCola that since he was so tired of seeing everyone looking sad all of the time, he wanted to make other people smile. So the two took to the streets with a bag of toys – including rubber dinosaurs and ducks – and gave them away to strangers who looked like they could use a pick-me-up.

The young orphan’s goal is to make at least 33,000 people smile, and judging by how talented he is at making people grin, that’s a pretty achievable goal.

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Unexpected Serenades


The guys at Dude Be Nice have started serenading women from the car. Using a microphone and speaker in a megaphone-like hookup, they drive around and sing to random people in cars, on the street, in parking lots …a nywhere, really! It’s a way to bring smiles out on the faces of unsuspecting strangers, because who couldn’t use a happy surprise during the day?


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Radical hospitality

Most of us take for granted our ability to take a daily shower and get an occasional haircut. But Doniece Sandoval recognized that there are many people in her home of San Francisco who don’t have access to these basic necessities. So she founded Lava Mae, a non-profit organization that brings mobile showers, haircuts and other grooming services to San Francisco’s homeless population. This video shows how she has inspired citizens to truly connect with one another through love and compassion.


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Home Sweet Home

Angie Tyma may have celebrated 89 different birthdays, but this one tops them all.

The senior has lived in the same house in Hudson, Fla., for the past 35 years — a home purchased by a family friend in Europe after her Angie’s husband had died.

Last month, she was informed that the home she was renting had fallen into foreclosure, due to lack of payments on the mortgage.

Angie – and all of her possessions – were thrown into the streets.

After the senior took up residence in a Day’s Inn hotel room, the neighbors, seeing her furniture in the streets, became determined to bring her home.

Danielle Calder, who lives a few houses away, bought the property for $167,500 so she could become Angie’s landlord.

The Floridian was speechless, after being invited back to her old home, by the surprise waiting for her. Neighbors had collected and stored her possessions from the street and repainted the building before returning them home.


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Flying high

In this hilarious John Lewis stores holiday advertisement, parents set up a trampoline in the backyard to surprise their little girl. But some foxes, badgers and hedgehogs beat her to the fun. These wild animals bounce with glee, while the family dog watches enviously from inside the house. When the little girl wakes in the morning, the trampoline is more of a surprise than anyone expected.



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Celebrating the small things

We get so caught up in waiting for that next big thing. But often times, it’s the small things in life that make it worth living.

Take this dog, for instance. If you’re a dog owner, you know a trip to the dog park can be the ultimate treat. But this pup’s level of excitement is pretty incredible — not to mention, hilarious. Watch as he realizes his surroundings and goes completely bonkers.