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Sending someone home


This beloved ice rink janitor may work in a chilly place, but his story will warm your heart.

Minasie Theophilis came to America from Ethiopia 33 years ago. Five years later, he started working at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a janitor.

Not once during his career has he been able to afford going home to see his family.

That’s why the university’s men’s hockey team decided to hold a fundraiser in order to send Minasie home.

“Beyond his faith, positive energy, and daily smile, the Ice Arena is spotless,” writes Christopher Johnson, a member of the hockey team. “From cleaning the locker rooms and bathrooms to washing the glass before weekend games, the pride Minasie takes in his job is contagious.”

“Recently, his mother passed away, a very sad and emotional day at Augsburg. We found out he was unable to afford to see her, so we wanted to provide him the opportunity to visit his father and family.”

The players set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of $5,000. When the campaign successfully raised the necessary funds in just nine hours, the team was able to present Minasie with a check the very next day.

“We feel that after all the time and energy of Minasie serving us, we would like to return the favor and unite him with his family,” Christopher said.


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