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When companies are kind

A distressed father took to Twitter earlier this month to find a replacement for his autistic son’s beloved sippy cup. The story eventually gained so much traction, it caught the attention of the manufacturer.

14-year-old Ben refused to drink anything unless it was served in his teal-colored cup. After 12 years of continuous use, however, the sacred no-spill mug finally broke.

Ben’s father, Marc, posted a photo of the cup to social media, asking if anyone could send him a replacement. Users started tracking results and responses with the #CupForBen movement hashtag, until Tommee Tippee, the baby product manufacturing company responsible for the model stepped in to help.

The company located the blueprint for the 10-year discontinued cup in a Chinese factory and restarted production to make 500 units so Ben will never again find himself without his favorite cup.



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