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A bicycle that started a movement


Atticus Seng had his bicycle stolen, twice in one month, from outside his Fresno, Calif., elementary school. The second time it happened, the story of the unlucky 9-year-old boy and his two stolen bicycles made the local news, and the segment captured the attention of students from Fresno High School.

Teenagers there decided to raise money to buy Seng a new bike. In a short amount of time, the teens raised $360 from other students and teachers by going classroom to classroom. A group of the participating high schoolers presented Seng with the new mountain bike at his elementary school, and his parents say that he and they were truly overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of the local teens.

In fact, Seng and his parents were so moved by the high schoolers acts of kindness that they decided to “pay it forward.” They donated money in the amount of the cost of the new bicycle to an organization called “Off The Front,” a nonprofit that provides bikes to children who would not be able to otherwise have them. The $360 provided bicycles and helmets to three other deserving children.

Yes, one boy, two stolen bikes, plus the help of many ultimately equaled four new bikes for four children.

“In the end, it really felt like everyone won,” said Jeremiah Seng, the boy’s father


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