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What’s important for Christmas

Merry Christmas, Awesome-ites. I hope this finds you well and merry and enjoying time with those you live.

In this musical holiday ad, a busy and dedicated dad races around trying to find the perfect gift for his loved ones. Suddenly, he realizes that he really just wants to spend time with the people he loves, and that time is the greatest gift he can give. Created in stop-frame animation and featuring vocals by James Corden, this short film is an entertaining and impactful reminder of what truly matters.

And it’s something that really has hit home with me. As many of you know, I’ve been out of work for awhile now and have battled to recover from major depression and anxiety. When the Christmas season began, I realized the weight of it all, that I wouldn’t be able to give my family the Christmas they were used to. It took weeks before I realized that wasn’t true. No, there might not be as many presents under the tree this year and, no, the boys might not get that big thing they want that’s in just about every ad they see. But what I CAN give them — what I have been able to give them and my wife every year since we’ve been a family — is me. In fact, this year, they’ve gotten more of me than ever before. Unemployment sucks and I hope to be back in the job world soon, but this year I’ve been able to do things with my kids, with my wife, that I wouldn’t ordinarily get to do. Mid-week movies, late night events without “Ugh, I’m gonna pay for this by being tired at work tomorrow,” help with their homeschooling, chores around the house that make my wife’s life easier, morning snuggles and reading with my little guy instead of rushing around getting ready to leave before the sun comes up.

So yeah, this hasn’t been your typical Christmas and your typical Christmas morning in our family.

It’s been better.


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