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Meaningful hugs

As we go about our days, we may lend quick hugs to friends, family members or even new acquaintances. But when was the last time you really hugged somebody?

In a recent video for Glamour magazine, people in various types of relationships are asked to hug one another for four minutes straight. The participants include two friends, new parents, a mother and daughter duo, and more.


Why? “Hugging is said to release Oxytocin and Dopamine – which relieves stress, increases pleasure and improves social bonding,” Glamour reports in the video.

With that, each pair joins for a four-minute hug and then reacts to the experience on camera.

In addition to releasing plenty of tears, the participants also talk about their emotions, speaking to one another about the importance of their relationships.

“It’s a simple thing, but I really hope that like, in 50 years time we’ll like, still talk the way we talk today,” Amanda tells her friend, Oren.

“Hope? Will,” Oren replies.


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