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Seeing Dad after school

In many ways, life for me has been hell these past nine months. Nine. Whole. Months.

There’s one thing, though, that hasn’t stopped bringing a smile to my face, and that’s the love of my boys. When I come home, most often I’m met in the garage by my little guy, because he wants to be the one who hugs me first, and he knows that if he doesn’t come out to the garage, the dog is going to beat him to it.

Boy the Elder is 14 now, but there have been times at some of my lowest moments when he’s given me a purposeful hug that has nearly brought me to tears. He knows the struggle. He knows Dad is fighting. He knows how hard that fight has been. He cares.

That’s why this video hit me in the heart.

Nasser Almujaibel filmed his son Badr’s reaction when he picked him up from school each day. The dad compiled these clips into an adorable video and posted it on Reddit. Watch the video above to see the sweet little boy repeatedly drop everything and run to his “baba” for a hug.

As the caption states, “Life is complicated. However, happiness is simple.”


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