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The big and the small

I love how nature is so diverse. Just take animals. Where I live in Florida, we have the biggest birds you can think of… huge sand hill cranes and herons and things of the like. We also have the smallest of the small birds, tiny hummingbirds. We’re all part of a fragile, beautiful ecosystem. And sometimes we need each other.

Take the story of a man, a dog and a hummingbird. When Ed Gernon adopted Rex, a street dog with violent tendencies, he never expected the feral dog to befriend anyone — let alone a hummingbird. But sure enough, one day a tiny, unmoving bundle caught this dog’s attention. Rex wouldn’t move until Ed scooped up this nearly dead hummingbird and nursed it back to health. Today, they’ve all learned from each other: “Hummer” is still living inside their house, and Rex is fully content to share his home with her.

Let me encourage you to talk a walk around your neighborhood today. Pay attention to the diversity of things, the things big and the things small. Realize how they all fit together into one big web of Awesome.


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