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Life is better together

My church has as one of its core values: “Life is better together.” The meaning is simple: Alone, we can be overcome by the burdens of the world. Think of it like a  single plastic shopping bag. It can hold only so much weight. But double, triple or even quadruple bag those things and you can handle a whole lot more.

That’s what it means to say life is better together. We’re meant to live in community with each other. Real community. Not an artificial, surface community where the rote answer is “good” to the question “How ya’ doing?” Real. Honest. Community. We each have something to give to our communities, whatever those communities may be.

Take these two guys. Two men. One pair of eyes. One pair of arms. And still, these two planted a forest. Together, these residents in a Chinese village have worked for more than 10 years planting trees. Best friends, they’ve transformed a wasteland into a thriving community of trees, all hand-planted with love, care, and the ultimate dedication of these two inseparable friends.

So think about what you have to give to your community. Think about getting into a community if you aren’t in one now. Because life truly is better together.


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