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These books will change your life

Every author believes his or her book is worth reading. After all, to put so much of yourself into something, to produce a piece of your soul and to put it out there for others to see, it takes a lot out of an author. I don’t know if every author is like me, but I know that, for me, the actual publishing of my books was a terrifying thing. It was one thing when only my friends or family were reading drafts. It was a completely different thing when others — strangers! – were able to get their hands on this piece of my soul.

The thing is, I think you should really read my books. I say that not out of a place of huge ego, but because I think you’ll like them. The first book, Jacob’s Story, talks about the journey my wife and I went on when we found out our little boy would likely not survive much past birth. Yes, it’s a story of tragedy, but it’s also one of great hope in the midst of suffering.

The Envelope came about a decade later. It’s a work of fiction, and it deals also with suffering. Specifically, why do we suffer and how do we go on when we’re in the midst of suffering.

I’m not too proud to beg. Please visit and buy these books. For $20, you can get both of them, signed to whoever you’d like. The Envelope talks about building a chain, how when we suffer something, we’re uniquely positioned to help the next person. That’s my mission in life, to help the next person, to start or continue as many chains as possible. So please, check out those books and spread the word to your friends and family.


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